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No Unified Stack Soon for Big Data... Is That a Surprise?

The panelists agreed that a standardized stack of big data analysis software would make it easier to develop large scale data analysis systems, in much the same way the open source LAMP stack engendered a whole generation of Web 2.0 services over the past decade. But the ways software such as Hadoop can be used vary so much that it may be difficult to settle on one core package of technologies, the panelists said.

We’ll never be able to stop people dreaming of cheap, off-the-shelf software that solves all world problems including hunger, political debates, football bets, etc. Myself? I still dream of a teleportation kit.

What panelists seem not to acknowledge (except Mark Baker, Canonical Ubuntu) is that LAMP served well the most common problems. But everything that went beyond that needed heavily customized solutions. Yahoo? Check. Google? Check. Facebook? Check check check. And I could go on and on.

Big Data is not the most common problem.

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