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The Benefits of the MySQL Memcached Plugin

Mario Beck:

But the memcached plugin to MySQL is a replacement or addition to the SQL interface to MySQL. So instead of using SQL queries in your application to persist or retrieve data from MySQL you can use the memcached interface. And what are the benefits?

  • Much higher performance (nb: reduced latency, higher throughput) Easier scalability via sharding Simpler application coding

Plus Baron Schwartz’s cogent addition:

I think a huge benefit you’re discussing, but not naming separately, is consistently. With memcached, you have two copies of the data, and the man with two watches never knows what time it is. With a memcached interface to MySQL, you have only one copy — and it is consistent. This is a huge win.

Original title and link: The Benefits of the MySQL Memcached Plugin (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)