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Cross-Platform Global High-Score Using Amazon SimpleDB

Timo Fleisch provides a set of requirements for which using Amazon SimpleDB for storing mobile gaming data sound like a good solution:

In this post I am going to describe my solution for a simple global high score that works with WP7, iOS and Android. […] The preconditions for me for the global high score where:

  • It should be easy and fast to implement and maintain.
  • It should use standard web technologies.
  • It should be scaleable.
  • It should use the standard web http protocol.
  • It should be secure,
  • and it should be as cross platform as possible.

SimpleDB definitely fits the bill for these requirements. But there might be some other details that could lead to using a different approach or making things a tad more complex:

  • the Amazon SimpleDB latency
  • the always-connected to the internet requirement

Original title and link: Cross-Platform Global High-Score Using Amazon SimpleDB (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)