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Examples of Using MySQL in Interesting Ways

Maggie Nelson:

Here are a couple of examples of using MySQL in interesting (and it’s up to you whether unwise) ways:

  • MySQL as a graph database, like Twitter’s FlockDB.
  • MySQL as document store, like FriendFeed’s extremely custom schema design.
  • MySQL as a key/value store. This lets you play with NoSQL concepts using MySQL.

Such examples abound. In fact most of the companies known for their contributions or using NoSQL databases run some sort of interesting relational database deployment. Most of the time these examples are interpreted as clear proof that relational databases can solve any problem. Reality is different though: the engineers’ long time familiarity with relational databases allowed them to ingeniously overpass their limitations when lacking better alternatives. But with NoSQL databases getting more mature every day, less and less problems require acrobatic usages of relational databases.

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