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Bump Chose Basho’s Riak for Both Scale and Reliability

From the PR announcement about Bump’s usage of Riak1:

To ensure consistent up-time and user engagement, Bump chose Basho’s Riak for both scale and reliability. Riak ensures that the Bump application can be continually fed with information without the worry of a system fail. Bump stores 600-800 million pieces of structural data in Riak, including photos, chats and contact cards.

You know I don’t usually link to PR announcements, but I’m doing it now hoping to get someone from Bump to talk in more detail about their platform.

  1. I know Basho is paying for the billboards on 280/101 in SF, but who’s paying for these announcements? 

Original title and link: Bump Chose Basho’s Riak for Both Scale and Reliability (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)