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Cassandra as the Central Nervous System of Your Distributed Systems with Joe Stein - Powered by NoSQL

In the 4th week of the DataStax’s Cassandra NYC 2011 video series, we have Joe Stein from Medialets talking about the architecture

Before diving into the video here are some interesting data points:

  • Medialets serves rich media ads
    • they handle 3-4TB of daily data
    • microsecond-level response times
  • Cassandra is used for time series and aggregate metrics
  • all MapReduce jobs written in Python. This reminded me of the recent post about the performance impact of operations in Hadoop Map phase
  • Medialets architecture:

    Medialets architecture

  • Major components of the Medialets’s architecture:

    • Kafka
    • MySQL
    • Cassandra: 6 node cluster, 100k requests, single DC
    • Hadoop
    • ZooKeeper: coordinates all the services on the platform
  • some of the data in MySQL is replicated in Cassandra (and coordinated with ZooKeeper)
  • data is fed back to MySQL
  • Kafka for collecting analytics data:
    • aggregates go into Cassandra
    • events in Hadoop
  • GROUP BY with Cassandra
  • for real-time systems aggregations must be done upfront
  • the way data is segmented is critical
  • aggregation leads to data explosion

For watching more videos from this event follow the Cassandra NYC 2011 tag.

Original title and link: Cassandra as the Central Nervous System of Your Distributed Systems with Joe Stein - Powered by NoSQL (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)