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The Future of Big Data with Cassandra

One of the best presentations I’ve seen: concise, covering the topic from different angles, providing useful information, pitching a product and company in non-obtrusive ways.

The slidedeck by Matthew F. Dennis talks about realtime data and analytics from the perspective of Cassandra and DataStax. It starts by presenting the most important features of Cassandra:

  • true multi DC support
  • no SPOF
  • linear scalability
  • great read and write performance
  • tunable consistency access
  • durable
  • integrated caching

and a series of use cases for Cassandra:

  • time series
  • sensor data
  • messaging
  • ad tracking
  • financial market data
  • user activity streams
  • fraud detection
  • risk analysis

It then summarizes three major Cassandra case studies with quotes emphasizing why Cassandra plays a critical role in each of them:

  • Netflix
  • Backupify
  • ooyala

Enjoy it after the break.

Original title and link: The Future of Big Data with Cassandra (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)