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Everything is Big Data Now… But Don’t let yourself fooled by buzzwords

Peter Collingridge for Jenn Webb in Book marketing is broken. Big data can fix it on O’Reilly Radar :

But when you’re in a much faster-paced world, with the industry moving toward being consumer- rather than trade-facing, and with a fragmented retail and media landscape, you need to make decisions based on fact: What is the ROI on a £50,000 marketing campaign? Where do my banner ads have the best CTR? Who are the key influencers here — are they bloggers, mainstream media, or somewhere else? How many of our Twitter followers actually engage? When should we publish, in what format, and at what price?

Big Data is not equivalent to data analytics or BI. And neither of these are equivalent to automatic decision making or business success.

While it’s understandable why vendors would encourage this misbelief, do not fall for it. Neither every data flow is Big Data, nor will Big Data automatically solve all world problems.

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