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Cassandra and MongoDB with Gigaspaces Cloudify

There are two reasons I’m writing about Gigaspaces’s Cloudify (PR announcement):

  1. Besides MySQL, Cloudify recipes include Cassandra and MongoDB.

    Also a bit of vintage claim chowder: if you remember Mike Gaultieri’s (Forrester) NoSQL wants to be elastic caching when it grows up, this should be a clear proof he was wrong.

  2. Gigaspaces is starting to realize that it’s not really necessary to claim a NoSQL affiliation for benefitting of the NoSQL buzz. Clear market positioning and smartly showcasing it is much more useful for the potential customers. The other company showing it learned this lesson is Terracotta1.

  1. I’m probably biased on this as I was responsible for talking to Terracotta folks about this better route. 

Original title and link: Cassandra and MongoDB with Gigaspaces Cloudify (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)