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MongoDB vs MySQL: A DevOps point of view

Pierre Bailet and Mathieu Poumeyrol of fotopedia (a French photo site) share their experience of operating a small MongoDB cluster since Sep.2009 compared to a MySQL cluster.

Some details about fotopedia:

  • fotopedia is 100% on AWS
  • Amazon RDS for MySQL
  • 4 nodes MongoDB cluster
  • 150mil. photo views

MongoDB advantages:

  • no alter table
  • background index creation
  • data backup & restoration
    • note: as far as I can tell MySQL is able to do the same
  • replica sets
  • hardware migration
    • note: the same procedure can be used for MySQL

Before leaving you with the slides, here is an interesting accepted trade-off:

Quietly losing seconds of writes is preferable to:

  • weekly minutes-long maintenance periods
  • minutes-long unscheduled downtime and manual failover in case of hardware failures

Original title and link: MongoDB vs MySQL: A DevOps point of view (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)