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DataStax's CEO thoughts on the NoSQL Market and Competition

Billy Bosworth1:

Personally, I have never believed that other post-relational (aka NoSQL/Hadoop) database companies were our primary competition.  The brute fact of the matter is that if you put us all together, we are still not statistically relevant compared to the overall DBMS market.

I had only one real personal fear coming into this market: That I would sink a big portion of my life into something that would never take hold in the mainstream. I suspect that would be a truly awful ending for all of us in this space. But thanks to companies like Amazon and Oracle, that feels highly unlikely now, and that is a great thing.

Just to play the devil advocate for a second: Oracle won’t lose much in the NoSQL market if things don’t work out well and Amazon’s DynamoDB is part of a larger plan. But for all the NoSQL database companies it is an all-or-nothing game2.

  1. Billy Bosworth: CEO DataStax 

  2. An all-or-nothing game is not the same with a winner-takes-all game  

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