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Everybody Flumes

Everyone is integrating with ☞ Flume, the distributed, reliable, and available service for collecting, aggregating, and moving large amounts of log data.

MongoDB: mongo-hadoop


Still experimental, but it has a Flume sync for storing log data into MongoDB.

Cassandra: flume-cassandra-plugin


A new Cassandra plugin for Flume is designed to require very little configuration and produce good results out of the box. The plugin offers two sinks: a simple sink that indexes entries by date, and a sink designed to take syslog events and store for use with the Logsandra search engine, a tool for searching and analyzing logs stored in Cassandra.


Voldemort: flume-voldemort-plugin


Voldemort sink for Flume is supposed to store events which are received from different Flume sources into Voldemort. It looks like this is pretty much straightforward task initially. But there were several issues required more consideration.


Dunith Dhanushka’s article has also a section on design consideration for the Voldemort sink.

What other Flume integrations are out there?

Udpate: Since posting this I’ve heard about more Flume integrations coming from ElasticSearch, HBase, Akka, Membase, Hive, AMQP. I’ll update the post when I find more details.

Original title and link: Everybody Flumes (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)