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Big Data Is More Than Hadoop

David Menninger commenting the results of a Big Data survey run by Ventana Research:

This research shows that big data is not a single thing with one uniform set of requirements. Hadoop, a well-publicized technology for dealing with big data, gets a lot of attention (including from me), but there are other technologies being used to store and analyze big data.

Nobody said Hadoop is the only solution for Big Data. But Hadoop is a leading technology in the Big Data market.

One of the most interesting aspects of the survey is captured by the following:

Research participants cited real-time capabilities and integration as their key technical challenges.

Integration in the world of Big Data is like the old saying about successful web sites: “the more you send them away, the more they will come back”.

Update: Here is what Ventana Research was saying about Hadoop adoption in July 2011:

The research findings indicate that Hadoop is already being used in one third of big data environments and evaluated in nearly another fifth.

While in this one:

One-third (34%) are using data warehouse appliances, which typically combine relational database technology with massively parallel processing. About as many (33%) are using in-memory databases. Each of these alternatives is being more widely used than Hadoop. As well, 15% use specialized databases such as columnar technologies, and one-quarter (26%) are using other technologies.

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