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How to prepare for integrating new social media into proprietary software?

How does one prepare for and integrate the inclusion of new social media outlets into proprietary software when the shape and substance of those platform is not immediately available and has not yet been designed??


The second lies in abandoning the old traditional relational database structure, where appropriate, and embracing a more flexible and more adaptable document oriented database format, commonly referred to as NoSQL databases.  […]

The advantage of the NoSQL format is that the data model does not need to be rigidly defined.  The DBMS assumes that the data is unstructured, and allows for a wide diversity of formats: media, pictures, text, documents, numbers, arrays of undetermined length, etc.  Data retrieval is lightening fast, and supported by a javascript query language (which interfaces with C++ drivers).  The genius and the beauty of such a system is that it accommodates very well additions and mutations to the data structure.  A field in any record, for instance could be an array of any type, and that array need not have the same size or even type as an array in the following record.  (To be precise, NoSQL DBMS refer to records as ‘documents’ and tables as ‘collections’.)

The key part is: “where appropriate”.

Plus I’m still not convinced how much of the enterprise world will have to really integrate with social media. But indeed, this is one important advantage of using schemaless NoSQL databases.

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