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Jelastic Database Marketshare: MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB

Jelastic, a company offering a cloud platform for Java server hosting, has published some stats about the databases used by their over 7000 users:

Jelastic Database Marketshare

While it would be wrong to generalize these results to absolute database marketshare, it is interesting nonetheless to see that MongoDB is already outrunning PostrgeSQL being the second most used database and that CouchDB, which was added only one month ago, is already used by 5% of Jelastic’s users. MySQL detains the first position with over 40% users or differently put double the number of the second place (MongoDB).

These numbers would be even more interesting if they would account for some real usage stats like database sizes or query volumes.

Mat Keep

Original title and link: Jelastic Database Marketshare: MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)