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Couchbase: Clarifying Confusions in 5 Bullet Points

Here are the 5 bullet points that would helped Couchbase clarify all the confusion about Couchbase, Membase, CouchDB:

  1. We are working on Couchbase server 2.0. This is our next major release and the only product we will be focusing next. It represents the continuation of our current Membase server product.
  2. Until Couchbase server 2.0 is out, we might release one or two updates to our Membase server that are addressing the most important issues.
  3. We will provide a migration path to users of Membase server to Couchbase server 2.0
  4. We will not support anymore our distribution of CouchDB known as Couchbase Single Server. Damien Katz, creator of CouchDB, has decided to step away from the Apache CouchDB project and focus on Couchbase development.
  5. Due to the major changes in Couchbase server 2.0, we will not offer a migration path for the users of Couchbase Single Server to Couchbase server 2.0.

Original title and link: Couchbase: Clarifying Confusions in 5 Bullet Points (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)