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Why We Love HBase: An Interview with Ryan Rawson

A must read interview with Ryan Rawson[1] about HBase:

It’s cost-effective, fast at data retrieval, and dependable. Instead of buying one or two very large computers, HBase runs on a network of smaller and cheaper machines. By storing data across these multiple smaller machines, we get better performance since we can always add more machines to improve data storage and retrieval as StumbleUpon’s data store grows. Plus, we can worry less about any one machine failure. Our developers love working with HBase, since it uses really cool technology and involves working with “big data.” We’re working with something that most people can’t imagine or never get the chance to work with. This is the leading edge of data storage technology, and we really feel like we’re inventing the future in a lot of ways. The fact that Facebook decided to build their next generation of messaging technology on HBase is a validation of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

  1. Ryan Rawson, System Architect at StumbleUpon, HBase committer, @ryanobjc  ()

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