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What real uses I could use CouchDB for? What can I use it for?

A must read:

So I’ve been obsessively reading about and researching CouchDB over the past couple weeks. I even wrote my own Java client since the ones on the market weren’t up to my standards :) I’ve probably read 200 articles on google explaining the downsides to CouchDB. I’ve read the Use Cases on I’ve read Jan’s book, 10 times. And still I have this one overwhelming question - what can I use it for???

I’m a java developer. I work in a large enterprise but I also do lots of home projects. At work we use Oracle with Hibernate for Java ORM. At home I use MySQL. For attachments I use a CDN. Can anyone explain what real uses I could use CouchDB for?

I’ve already said it a couple of times that CouchDB message/positioning is confusing and that current CouchDB case studies aren’t too enlightening either, so hopefully Andy (the passionate guy above) will get some better answers.

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