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Talking with Jonathan Ellis, Co-Founder of Riptano

The Windows Azure blog publishes an interview with Jonathan Ellis[1]:

People are going to realize that lower complexity, lower total cost of ownership, and higher reliability are good reasons for putting data that is a good fit for Cassandra in that kind of system. That will let them pare back relational storage to just what it’s good at, in a relatively small core.

Too many interesting topics to be able to quote them all: Michael Stonebraker and his position on NoSQL vs his products, relational databases future, Digg, Kevin Rose and Cassandra, durability as a tradeoff in NoSQL databases, etc. So make sure you read it all.

Markus ‘maol’ Perdrizat

  1. Jonathan Ellis: Project chair of Apache Cassandra, Founder of Riptano, @spyced  ()

Original title and link: Talking with Jonathan Ellis, Co-Founder of Riptano (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)