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Introducing RavenDB for ASP.NET Developers: NoSQL Tutorials

RavenDB still has a weakness that prevents it from becoming the instant choice of all green-field (a project starting fresh) ASP.NET MVC web projects. Most reporting solutions today work best off RDBMS systems and NoSQL databases are just getting their feet wet with respect to Reporting system connectivity.

So if you are building a system that doesn’t require traditional reporting systems to hook in and retrieve data, RavenDB is the perfect choice. More often that not, that’s not the case (specially Line of Business applications) and hence we tend to fallback on SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle etc.

Leaving aside the (very) short bullet point definition of RavenDB, the conclusion sounds confusing. It makes me wonder if the majority of ASP.NET projects are mostly about reporting.

Original title and link: Introducing RavenDB for ASP.NET Developers: NoSQL Tutorials (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)