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Facebook Replacing Cassandra with HBase In New Messaging System

Minutes ago Facebook hosted a press conference about their upcoming messaging system, a combination of email and IM[1]. There weren’t many details about the technical solution, except one slide mentioning that while rebuilding the messaging solution:

  • Cassandra was replaced by HBase
  • Haystack was extended to be used for message attachments
  • Thrift, Zookeeper, memcached are used by the product

Ryan Rawson[2]tweeted:

Facebook’s choice of #HBase is a validation of a superior scalable architecture. Congrats to the team on some hard, excellent work.

I still need to gather more details about this before commenting if it was a scalability issue or other reasons that led to replacing Cassandra with HBase for Facebook messaging.

Update: more details about the underlying technology of Facebook messaging based on HBase.

  1. It sounded a lot like Google Wave, but that sort of discussion doesn’t fit this blog.  ()
  2. Ryan Rawson, Systems Architect at StumbleUpon, HBase committer, @ ryanobjc  ()

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