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Casandra 0.6.8 Released

Update: Cassandra 0.6.8 was pushed out to address a regression bug in Cassandra 0.6.7

  • fix read repair regression from 0.6.7 (CASSANDRA-1727)
  • Update windows .bat files to work outside of main Cassandra directory (CASSANDRA-1713)
  • more-efficient read repair (CASSANDRA-1719)

Getting closer to 0.7, Cassandra has released version 0.6.7. From the ☞ changelog:

  • quorum read optimization (CASSANDRA-1622)
  • update GC settings in cassandra.bat (CASSANDRA-1636)
  • fix hinted handoff replay (CASSANDRA-1656)
  • log type of dropped messages (CASSANDRA-1677)
  • initMetadata wasn’t loading saved partitioner from disk (CASSANDRA-1638)
  • log tpstats when dropping messages (CASSANDRA-1660)
  • Avoid dropping messages off the client request path (CASSANDRA-1676)
  • fix jna errno reporting (CASSANDRA-1694)
  • add friendlier error for UnknownHostException on startup (CASSANDRA-1697)
  • add —skip-keys option to (CASSANDRA-1696)

You can download Cassandra from ☞ here.

Original title and link: Casandra 0.6.7 Released (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)