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Grails and NoSQL with Graeme Rocher and Scott Davis

It is weekend and so it’s time for videos and podcasts. Back in February, I wrote that, at the time, I could count 4 NoSQL plugins for Grails: CouchDB, HBase, Neo4j, AppEngine. In September, Grails added “official” support for Redis. Graeme talked about Grails/GORM for Redis with Jaxenter and community feedback was great.

Embedded below it a conversation between Graeme Rocher and Scott Davis about Grails and NoSQL databases, mentioning Grails support for Redis and Cassandra:

Even if this is great for the Grails and Java community, it doesn’t mean things are simple in the VMWare/Spring/Grails world.

Original title and link: Grails and NoSQL with Graeme Rocher and Scott Davis (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)