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NoSQL Databases’ Adoption in the Enteprise World

There are two guaranteed ways that NoSQL databases will penetrate the enterprise world. I’m not referring here to small departamental experiments, but big budget and long-term penetration.

The first way is by seemless integration with Hadoop[1]. It’s a fact that Hadoop isn’t anymore just a tool for startups or internet companies. It is seeing widely adoption and with the release of Hadoop 1.0.0—which changes the way Hadoop’s maturity in perceived—things will only get better. Being able to augment a Hadoop-centric architecture will definitely be a huge adoption driver.

The second way is by being first class citizens of widely adopted frameworks. In the Java world that could be JEE and Spring—there’s is already Spring Data and the Enterprise integration patterns Spring framework Spring Integration which features Redis and MongoDB. In the Python world that could be Django—Django played nice with NoSQL databases and even considered including support for NoSQL databases in the trunk. In Ruby, that could be Ruby on Rails which has almost always adopted the latest technologies. And the list could go on[2]. Keep in mind though that extensions and plugins are just the first step, but they do not represent first class citizenship.

  1. Integration with Hadoop can take different forms, so unfortunately we will see more and more claims of seemless integration.  

  2. What are the major frameworks in the .NET world?  

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