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Are Some NoSQL Technologies Going NoWHERE?

Conor O’Mahony, Program Director for Database Software, IBM, prediction for 2012:

This apparent challenge from NoSQL is not the first time that the relational database has been challenged. A few years ago, many predicted that object databases would conquer the relational database. However, the relational database added stored procedures, user-defined functions, and a number of other object-like features, and it has gone from strength-to-strength, and object databases are now just a bit player in the overall database market.

I predict that the major relational database vendors will, where it makes sense, add certain NoSQL capabilities to their products. For instance, this makes sense for both name-value pair and graph-store capabilities. Of course, this has already happened for XML data, which the major relational products support.

While I can see ways to adapt and optimize a relational database to behave like a key-value store or document database, I would aplaud any relational database vendor that would be able to transform or add an engine that would behave like Cassandra, or HBase, or a graph database. Add on top of that support for multi-datacenter deployments and seemless integration with Hadoop and that would be a fabulous product.

To me things look like this: in one corner of the ring we will have the experience accummulated in the field by NoSQL databases and their creators and in the opposite corner the experience of the marketing and sales departments from relational databases vendors.

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