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VoltDB for Real-Time Network Monitoring

From the announcement of VoltDB being used by the Japanese ISP, Sakura Internet, for their real-time Internet traffic monitoring and analysis platform for detecting and mitigating large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks:

Tamihiro Yuzawa[1]: Our system needs to be capable of sifting through massive amounts of traffic flow data in real-time.  VoltDB was our choice from the beginning because it’s a super-fast datastore that supports SQL. 

Scott Jarr[2]: Sakura’s security infrastructure requires a datastore that can scale massively and on demand, without sacrificing data accuracy.

Mark these VoltDB keywords:

  1. fast (read in-memory)
  2. data consistency
  3. SQL

  1. Tamihiro Yuzawa: Systems Engineer at Sakura Internet  

  2. Scott Jarr: VoltDB CEO  

Original title and link: VoltDB for Real-Time Network Monitoring (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)