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NoSQL Is ... SQL at Scale

Cannot wonder what happened to Benjamin Black since it’s only a couple of weeks since “yelling”: “NoSQL took away the relational model and gave nothing back”. But it looks like he came up with the answer:

This is SQL at scale: radically simple schema, extremely narrow interface, asynchronous writes, and application-layer management of data distribution and query aggregation. These are also the properties of many non-relational databases. At this scale, most of the advantages of a relational database — ACID semantics and complex, ad-hoc queries — are traded for other advantages: operational simplicity, linear performance scaling, geographic distribution, and extreme fault tolerance.

And I’d say this is only from the perspective of scale. Others to consider: data (as in format, importance, etc.), operational costs.

Original title and link: NoSQL Is … SQL at Scale (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)