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Improving Hadoop Performance by (Up To) 1000x

LinkedIn’s Adam Silberstein and Daniel Tunkelang provide a fantastic summary of a presentation I wish I could attend: Daniel Abadi’s “Improving Hadoop Performance by (up to) 1000x”.

Overly simplified, Daniel Abadi’s proposal is to create an analytical platform by using the best of two worlds: Hadoop and row-based or column-based relational database storage and query engines.

Hadapt, the company founded by Daniel Abadi, is in my list of the 8 most interesting companies for Hadoop’s future because I think that an interesting product can be built by combining the long optimized and tested storage and query engines of relational databases with Hadoop’s fault tolerance, scalability, and power, topped with a resource management layer.

Original title and link: Improving Hadoop Performance by (Up To) 1000x (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)