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eBay, Hadoop, HBase

From ☞ DBMS2:

eBay sees Hadoop as an interesting tool for certain special purposes:

  • eBay likes Hadoop for certain tasks such as image analysis.
  • eBay doesn’t like Hadoop for anything that requires data movement, such as a join.
  • Similarly, eBay doesn’t like HBase.

But based on reports from Hadoop World it looks like eBay usage of Hadoop is quite wide:

  • eBay had a 4 node cluster in 2007, a 28 and a 10 node cluster in 2009, a 500+ nodes cluster in 2010
  • 4200 processors, 4.3 PB of data on CentOS 1U 48 GB RAM datanodes.
  • production cluster will be 8500 procs, 16PB

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