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Thank You

There are just a couple of hours left from 2011. At this time most of us are just relaxing, or making the last preparations for the party tonight, or thinking about the year ahead. But I couldn’t just let the year end without thanking the tons of people that made our adventure here on myNoSQL possible.

So to all developers creating great pieces of software, to all those having the guts to try out new technologies and sharing their experience with the community, to all those that helped me further spread the word about polyglot persistence and NoSQL databases in particular (I hope you’ll continue helping me), to all those that took a bit of their time to teach me something (by commenting on this blog or sending an email), to all my Twitter friends, and to all myNoSQL readers that kept me going:

Thank you!

I wish you all the very best for 2012!

Original title and link: Thank You (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)