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How Polyglot Persistence and Having Data Storage Options Changes Things

No 2012 predictions. Just facts.

GigaOm’s Barb Darrow commenting on Oracle’s Q2 financial results:

This is bad news for the company which pinned its cloud hopes on specialized data center appliances — the Exadata database machine, Exalogic middleware/application appliance, Exalytics analytics engine as well as a proposed ”Big Data Appliance.” This is the third consecutive quarter where Oracle posted hardware sales declines but this is probably more painful because the company is finally now fully engaged in its big data center appliance push.

An anonymous commenter:

As a low to mid range customer, I was disenfranchised by oracle, and we have gotten rid of segments of oracle in our data center. Just recently they have shown interest in us again so perhaps the low margin equipment will be back. Sun was not focused enough, and Oracle was too focused. Hopefully they are finding an profitable and useful middle ground.

Kent Langley:

So, NoSQL database #9999 there are many other equally usable solutions that are far more transparent in the way they do business and foster community around their products.  This isn’t about paying money.  This is about trust.  So, sorry NoSQL #9999, but I’ll not be entering your sales cycle in this fashion or evaluating your product at this time.  Moving along now…

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