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Spring Framework Goes NoSQL with Spring Data

Spring frameworks feels like be all do all these days. On the other hand, having NoSQL databases integrated with Spring framework may actually represent an opportunity to penetrate the enterprise world.

The primary goal of the Spring Data project is to make it easier to build Spring-powered applications that use new data access technologies such as non-relational databases, map-reduce frameworks, and cloud based data services. A secondary goal is to provide additional support for relational database technologies such as Oracle RAC and convenience classes for Java generic based DAO classes.

The first NoSQL database mentioned to be part of Spring Data is the graph database Neo4j.

On VMWare side things are getting a bit complicated: VMWare owns Spring framework, which owns Grails which integrates with Redis which has been acquired by VMWare earlier this year. And don’t forget to add GemStone to the mix.[1]

  1. Could you say this backwards?  ()

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