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CouchDB: A Great Option for Mobile Computing

Even if Krishnan Subramanian’s title is CouchDB and SaaS, he got the part about CouchDB and mobile development right:

  • CouchDB is also an HTTP server. This lets browsers talk directly to CouchDB. This makes mobile app development easy with CouchDB
  • One can easily replicate the whole database, application logic and the data to the mobile device. It will just work out of the box without any extra coding. Just a few javascript tweaks and CSS tweaks will make it work on the mobile device offering the same user experience
  • CouchDB can run on multiple devices and can sync with each other and the cloud whenever there is an internet connection. This offline use and syncing is one of the unique features of CouchDB. CouchDB uses a built in conflict management system and it easily helps solve any conflict that may occur in collaborative SaaS applications
  • The file format of CouchDB is a tail-end format. All changes are added to the end of the database file, thereby, ensuring that database is never in an inconsistent state. For example, if a mobile app gets killed for any reason, you are safe
  • Memory footprint is very low. In a very active state, the database consumes only 7 MB of RAM and less during other times. This makes CouchDB very suitable for mobile devices which usually carry lower memory
  • Geospatial Index – very useful in the case of location aware apps

As covered in the past, I can confirm the mobile is an important aspect of CouchDB adoption strategy.

Original title and link: CouchDB: A Great Option for Mobile Computing (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)