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Prospects and Promises of Big Data

Fantastic article on ParisTech Review:

Computers have always been around, of course, but up until now, they processed stable, closed and relatively small databases. What is new, are the growing scale and the constant renewal of information, which lead to gigantic flows of data that pour in and out of these “open” databases. Not to mention the growing sophistication of formats and the interwoven nature of databases. All these new features discard for complete traditional management tools.

But aside of hardware issues, it’s the software nature of analysis tools which is challenged today. Traditional decision-making tools, for instance, are completely overtaken by the mass of data and its fragmentation. The Big Data information is not wholly contained in databases: it lies, above all, outside. The database is a virtual entity, so to speak.

Print it out and leave it on your CIO desk.

Original title and link: Prospects and Promises of Big Data (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)