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Forrester Predictions for 2012: Hadoop, In-Memory Analytics Platforms, Graph Databases

James Kobielus summarizes Forrester’s predictions for 2012:

Enterprise Hadoop deployments will expand at a rapid clip.


In-memory analytics platforms will grow their footprint.

Assuming they are referring to products like SAP Hana, Tibco Spotfire BI, etc., my bet is that their adoption will depend heavily on their integration with Big Data toolkits.

Soon I also expect to see some in-memory data-grid products slightly shifting their direction and trying to penetrate the analytics market.

Graph databases will come into vogue: The market for graph databases will boom in 2012 as companies everywhere adopt them for social media analytics, marketing campaign optimization, and customer experience fine-tuning.

I know someone that will be very happy to read this prediction.

While I do agree this will happen, I also think that some more technical and communication advances in this space are needed before seeing a wide adoption of graph databases.

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