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Will Cloudant Become the CouchDB Go to Company?

I read that:

  • Cloudant might have raised $2.1 million (via Mass High Tech)
  • Cloudant has a new CEO in Derek Schoettle (previously VP Sales at Vertica Systems, Inc.) (via PR announcement)

After Membase and CouchOne merger, I think it was the general expectation that the new formed Couchbase will carry on CouchOne promise of being the commercial supporters and service company for CouchDB. This made sense considering Couchbase has been offering a CouchDB product: Couchbase Single Server.

On the other hand this situation created a lot of confusion in the CouchDB world and Couchbase offering. It was only one week ago that Couchbase finally came out to clear the waters: they are not and won’t be a support company for CouchDB , nor will they continue offering a CouchDB-only product.

So there’s an unfilled spot in the NoSQL world: a go to company when CouchDB services and support are needed. Truth is I don’t have enough data to decide if there’s also a need in the market for it though.

But I’m wondering if Cloudant will pursue this positioning. At least that’s how I read Cloudant ex-CEO Alan Hoffman words. Or will the change of CEO also mark a change of direction?

Original title and link: Will Cloudant Become the CouchDB Go to Company? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)