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Centralized Logging With Amazon SimpleDB, Slf4j, and Logback

Store logs in SimpleDB. Amazon SimpleDB is a highly available, flexible and scalable non-relational data store. It is perfect for this situation. It is eventually consistent, write-optimized, highly available and extremely durable. It can handle extremely large tables that can keep the logging data very well. It can query and filter logs. Oh, and it is also really cheap.

Plus, the simpledb-appender is doing the right thing:

Logback is designed to be extremely efficient. simpledb-appender is also designed to have minimal impact on CPU resources. Logging events are buffered in memory and then later at user-configurable intervals (by default 10 seconds) are written to SimpleDB in bulk on a separate thread. In this way calls to the logging API return very quickly, and the time-consuming work is done in a way that doesn’t block the main application. A JVM shutdown hook writes any unwritten log events when the application exits.

Original title and link: Centralized Logging With Amazon SimpleDB, Slf4j, and Logback (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)