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Hadoop, HPCC, MapR and the TeraSort Benchmark

Just in, from LexisNexis:

HPCC Systems 4 nodes cluster sorts 100 gigabytes in 98 seconds and is 25% faster than a 20 nodes Hadoop cluster.

Results achieved in December 2011 show that an HPCC Systems four node Thor cluster took only 98 seconds to complete a Terasort with a job size of 100 gigabytes (GB) on a cluster five times smaller than Hadoop. The HPCC Systems four node cluster was comprised of one (1) Dell PowerEdge C6100 2U server with Intel® Xeon® processors E5675 series, 48GB of memory, and 6 x 146GB SAS HDD’s. The Dell C6100 houses four nodes inside the 2U enclosure. The previous leader ran the same Terasort benchmark in 130 seconds on a 20-node Hadoop cluster using equivalent node hardware. HPCC Systems is an Open Source, enterprise-proven Big Data analytics-processing platform.

Thus Armando Escalante (SVP and CTO of LexisNexis Risk Solutions and head of HPCC Systems) concludes:

These results demonstrate that HPCC Systems is a leader in Big Data processing

Now switching to a post on MapR’s blog:

Recently a world record was claimed for a Hadoop benchmark. […] We were surprised to see that this world record was for a TeraSort benchmark on a 100GB of data. TeraSort is a standard benchmark and the name is derived from “sorting a terabyte”.  Any record claims for sorting a 100GB dataset across a 20 node cluster with 10 times as much memory is comical. The test is named TeraSort not GigaSort.

Original title and link: Hadoop, HPCC, MapR and the TeraSort Benchmark (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)