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NoSQL Screencasts: Neo4j for Ruby and Java People, Plus Data Modeling and Querying

Before the weekend is over, you could spend a bit of time experimenting with Neo4j. If you are a Ruby person then you’ve probably learned from the persistent graph structures with Ruby/Rails thread that Neo4j with JRuby is the way to go. In the first video Peter Neubauer demonstrates the process of building and deploying a Neo4j-enabled application on Heroku:

The steps involved:

  • Register at Heroku and install the heroku gem
  • Create and install a Heroku app (heroku apps:create)
  • Add a Neo4j addon instance to it (heroku addons:add neo4j)
  • Upload existing Twitter data to the graph
  • Create a custom Ruby app (code below, GitHub)
  • Execute Cypher queries (queries below) 
  • Connect to the app using a Google Spreadsheet 
  • Build a small bar chart from a Cypher query.

Code snippets from the screencast can be found on Neo4j blog.

In case you are a Java person, then you could check on InfoQ Michael Hunger’s Introduction to Spring Data Neo4j in which he discusses graph databases and the need for them in the larger context of NoSQL data stores, introducing Spring Data, Neo4j, and Spring Data Neo4j.

Whatever your main dev platform is, if you are planning to use a graph database, you’ll have to learn some data modelling and querying. In the video below, Alistair Jones talks about power data modelling and using Neo4j’s Cypher query language.

This video was made available by Skills Matter, organizers of workshops, talks & meetups for promoting continuous learning and innovation in software

To complete your Neo4j learning session, make sure you don’t miss the Neo4j Querying for SQL People.

Now you are done. I hope you’ll have a great week!

Original title and link: NoSQL Screencasts: Neo4j for Ruby and Java People, Plus Data Modeling and Querying (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)