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Cloudera Raises Another $25 million in Funding

Cloudera, a key distributor of software that helps companies analyze big piles of data, has raised another $25 million.


Cloudera, like other open-source companies, makes money on what is essentially free software by charging for Hadoop training classes and professional services to help companies get the software up and running. In June, the company started offering proprietary software tools to make it easier for companies to run Hadoop at large scale.

Personally I think Cloudera’s secret lies in building/improving/supporting and distributing, or simply put making it really easy for others to get their data into Hadoop. And I’m referring here to: Flume, Sqoop, Oozie, Hue.

Last, but not least, it doesn’t seem like everyone is agreeing with the statement from Beyond Hadoop - Next-Generation Big Data Architectures: “people who really do have cutting edge performance and scalability requirements today have already moved on from the Hadoop model”.

Update: ☞ New York Times article.

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