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Tableau Software and Hadoop

When writing The Good, the Tech, and the Bad of Tableau Software, what I’ve included in the bad category was that Tableau required stuctured data.

Turns out Tableau has a Hadoop connector available through a special license:

But storing and accessing big and messy data is only part of the problem. You’ve still got to make sense of it. Tableau allows you to connect Apache Hadoop from Cloudera easily and do ad-hoc visualization so you can see patterns and outliers in all that data that’s stored in your Hadoop cluster. You can’t get value from your data unless you can see what’s inside of it.

Disclaimer: I usually don’t do any disclaimers, but being asked about this one I thought I should clarify it. I don’t own a Tableau Software license, nor Tableau payed me for writing about it. As one reader commented on my previous post: “It’s nice and all. I wish I could afford it”.

Original title and link: Tableau Software and Hadoop (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)