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The Future of NoSQL Database Companies

If you wonder like me what is the future of all the companies backing NoSQL databases, you’ll find what IDC’s VP for data warehousing and analytics, Dan Vesset says quite interesting:

[…] before too long they’ll become rolled into the portfolios of major players. A decade ago, when Vesset was analyzing the then-emerging field of data warehouse appliances, “we had at least a dozen vendors come in within a very short time period, three years.” For example, does anybody remember DATAllegro, which blazed extraordinary new trails in data warehousing technology, to become acquired by Microsoft in July 2008? IBM acquired DataMirror; EMC acquired Greenplum; HP acquired Vertica. These were all data warehousing companies that were blazing trails just three years ago; already, they’re distant memories.

Vesset believes the big vendors will give Hortonworks and its brethren “leg room… for a few years.” They’ll rise up in the oven, and once they’re golden brown and baked just right, they’ll get consumed. “Maybe one of them will be able to get out organically and create a market,” he concedes, if it heeds the lessons of Red Hat and establishes a workable business model for itself around support and service.

I am not expecting to see all the NoSQL companies reaching an IPO stage. But on the other hand, believing that all the above will happen by 2015 can mean only one thing: 1) either there is a huge potential of this market that will trigger a very early reaction from existing major players; 2) or Dan Vesset is wrong about the timeframe.

Plus I do think there are two other paths that NoSQL companies could go in the future, but I’ll need to put more things together before writing about them.

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