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Couchbase, the Advertising Market, and PR

This is how I read PR announcements

Couchbase, the leading NoSQL database company,

We are paying these guys so much that they better call us market leaders or something.

Couchbase has gained prominence as a preferred NoSQL database technology in the advertising platforms market.

We just got another fat check on our desk[1]. Yey! Looks like that [AOL case study] helped us get to these other guys.

A partial list of recent customers includes: AOL Advertising, Burstabit Technologies, Chango, Cognitive Match, Dotomi, Media Mind, TubeMogul, and Xclaim.

They are not the size of Google advertising so they don’t need BigTable or Megastore, but at least we’ve sold them a non-Oracle database.

Key features of Couchbase’s NoSQL database technology for ad platform companies include:

  • Schema-less data model. This unique model eliminates the need to define/redefine a database schema before inserting data. Targeting algorithms and approaches can change rapidly and often require changes in input data.
  • Elastic scaling. The technology effortlessly scales out to hold billions of data items for hundreds of millions of users, on commodity hardware or cloud computing instances.
  • Consistent sub-millisecond random read and write latency. This happens across the entire data set, supporting not only optimized decision making but enabling finely targeted personalization of ad and offer content in tight decision time windows.
  • Hadoop integration. Bi-directional connectivity between Hadoop and Couchbase enables closed-loop user profiling and ad serving. The recently announced Couchbase Hadoop Connector is the first certified connector for a NoSQL database and provides Hadoop users with an easy method of moving data back and forth between Couchbase and Hadoop via the Sqoop plug-in.
  • Built-in transparent caching. Built-in Memcached provides object-level caching technology, the most efficient way to use memory for storing active campaign data, allowing fewer servers with less memory to serve numerous campaigns.

We better convince these PR people to include something about our offer as by now we’ve already lost everyone reading it[2]. Actually, is anyone reading it?

  1. It better be a big number there as we have to pay these PR people.  

  2. Jokes aside, this part is quite useful to understanding the requirements of such products and where Couchbase fits.  

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