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Wanted: A kickass .NET API for CouchDB

Anyway, CouchDB is still quite young, and hasn’t seen a lot of attention outside the Ruby and Python communities. This sucks. I would like to see a well-designed open-source library for .NET applications using CouchDB for persistence. Here are some features such a library might provide over and above raw HTTP WebRequests:

  • Generics and automatic serialization/deserialization of .NET objects
  • mapping RESTful HTTP error codes to .NET exceptions
  • Implicit Offline Optimistic Lock via document revisions
  • LINQ expressions for Map/Reduce functions
  • ID generators like NHibernate

Remember what I was saying about CouchDB official libraries? Even if there’s an official list of drivers, that’s not enough.

Original title and link: Wanted: A kickass .NET API for CouchDB (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)