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Riak Search: A Proof of the Riak's Core Building Blocks

Justin Sheehy[1] offering a different perspective on how Riak search can also be seen as the proof of correctness of Riak’s core Dynamo-like building blocks:

Riak Search is the first public demonstration that Riak Core is a meaningful base on which to build distributed systems beyond just a key/value store. By using the same central code base for distribution, dispatch, ownership, failure management, and node administration, we are able to confidently make many of the same guarantees for Search that we have made all along for Riak’s key/value storage. Even if Search itself wasn’t such a compelling product, it is exciting as a proof of the value of Riak Core.

  1. Justin Sheehy, Basho CTO, @justinsheehy  ()

Original title and link: Riak Search: A Proof of the Riak’s Core Building Blocks (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)