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NoSQL at Strange Loop

The ☞ Strange Loop conference hosted two NoSQL talks: ☞ Steve Smith on Real world modeling with MongoDB (PDF) and ☞ Billy Newport on Enterprise NoSQL: Silver Bullet or Poison Pill?.

First one was on the practical parts of NoSQL, the second offered an “enterprisey” perspective on NoSQL. Victor Olteanu has a ☞ long post summarizing the talks at the conference, including the two mentioned.

Talking about modeling with MongoDB, here is another slidedeck on this subject:

Update: I stand corrected: there were many more NoSQL talks at StrangeLoop.


Riak from Small to Large

There’s also a video of Rusty Klophaus giving this presentation at Berlin Buzzwords

Working with Dimensional data in Distributed Hash Tables

Unifying the Search Engine and NoSQL DBMS with a Universal Index

Chris Biow’s slides also available ☞ as PDF.

There were 4 more that I couldn’t tracked down

HyperGraphDB - Data Management for Complex Systems

Borislav Iordanov’s slides available ☞ here (pdf)

NoSQL At Twitter

Kevin Weil’s slides available ☞ here (pdf)

Adopting Apache Cassandra

Eben Hewitt’s slides available ☞ here (pdf)

Scaling with MongoDB

Roger Bodamer’s slides available ☞ here.

Original title and link: NoSQL at Strange Loop (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)