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Redis: What's Coming in the Next Releases

Salvatore Sanfilippo details the features planned for Redis’ near/mid-term future:

  • Lua scripting support (Redis 2.6)
  • High resolution expires (Redis 2.6)
  • Performances improvements when reading/writing big objects (Redis 2.6)
  • Redis cluster (Redis 3.0) > Redis Cluster is a distributed implementation of a subset of Redis standalone. Not all commands will be supported, especially we don’t support things like multi-key operations. In general we are just implementing the subset of Redis that we are sure can be made working in a solid way in a cluster setup, with predictable behaviors. >
    > Redis cluster will stress consistency in favor of ability to resist to netsplits and failures in general.
  • Replication improvements (Redis 3.0 or post 3.0)
  • Persistence improvements (post Redis 3.0)

The post also mentions a very useful gem:

Redis with both AOF and RDB enabled is very durable already, and this is the setup we suggest

Original title and link: Redis: What’s Coming in the Next Releases (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)