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Couchbase Hadoop Connector: Another Sqoop Example

Announced a couple of days ago, the Couchbase Hadoop Connector is just another example of using Sqoop:

The Couchbase Hadoop Connecter utilizes the Sqoop plug-in to stream data from the Couchbase system to Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH), enabling consistent application performance while also allowing for heavy duty MapReduce processing of the same dataset. In an interactive web application environment, such as an ad targeting platform, this ability ensures low latency and high throughput to make optimized decisions about real-time ad placement.

I’m wondering if this connector have already been used by the AOL Advertising Architecture, which is using Hadoop and Membase. In case it wasn’t how it would improve things[1]?

  1. If you know anyone that could speak about this (from Couchbase, Cloudera, or AOL) please contact me  

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