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Tableau Software: The Good, the Tech, and the Bad

The good:

Christian Chabot[1]: “Every instance of people turning raw data into something useful includes turning it into a picture”

The tech:

VizQL, the visualization query language that powers the software, was developed at Stanford University by Chris Stolte and Pat Hanrahan, a founding employee at Pixar and the chief architect of that company’s RenderMan visualization and 3D rendering software—an effort that won him two Oscars.

The bad:

Unlike many emerging data technologies, Tableau was built for structured data—whatever fits nicely into rows and columns […]

As a final note, Tableau is able to draw some of the most beautiful graphics I’ve seen. They are much nicer even than Horace Dediu’s graphics.

  1. Christian Chabot: CEO and co-founder of Tableau Software  

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