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Using GeoCouch for Serving-Up GeoJSON

Todd Jackson:

It took around 30 minutes for my 2.5 million records to load, which isn’t too bad considering it took about 20 minutes in PostGIS.  My PostGIS table is approximately 950MB in size, while my CouchBase database, with just the data is 3.7GB, so there is a fairly large difference there. […] While the size/time to create spatial indexes in CouchDB is much larger/longer than PostGIS, I think it is a platform that will improve over time.

CouchDB has other benefits such as the distributed architecture that allows it to scale out, as well as Couchbase having a mobile solution as well, which when combined with the master-master replication scheme could enable some compelling mobile solutions.

For this use case another advantage is that both data and the code (server and client side) are all JavaScript. No impedance mismatch.

Original title and link: Using GeoCouch for Serving-Up GeoJSON (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)